UDWM Functions

The table on this page lists all the functions that appear in the export directory of any known version of UDWM.DLL. It gives for each function just brief summaries of the applicable UDWM versions and of the function’s status with respect to Microsoft’s documentation (not that there’s much to say on this point). Explanatory notes follow the table.

Function Applicable Versions Documentation Status
DwmClientNotifyRedirectionShutdown (102) 6.0 and higher  
DwmClientShutdown (103) 6.0 and higher  
DwmClientStartup (101) 6.0 and higher  



Since all functions exported from UDWM.DLL are exported only by ordinal, names are inferred from symbol files that Microsoft publishes for customer support. The ordinal is given in brackets after the function’s name.


The UDWM versions shown for each function are inferred from a study of known releases, making reasonable assumptions about likely continuity, especially to suppose that a function will exist in future versions or that a function exists in all (released) builds of a version if no counter-example is yet known.

Documentation Status

Except where otherwise stated, the reference version for Microsoft’s documentation is the January 2007 edition of the Windows Vista Software Development Kit, as distributed by Microsoft on MSDN disc 3667. That a function is not marked above as “documented” (or is marked elsewhere as “undocumented”) does not mean for certain that Microsoft does not document it, just that I haven’t yet found where.