Enquiries about anything presented at this website are welcome, particularly for suggestions, wish lists and especially for corrections. The address to write to is

In saying that enquiries about anything presented at this website are welcome, I really do mean that it should be an enquiry about the text at this website, or at least about text that you reasonably expected to find here but did not. Write to me for any other reason, if you want, but please be sure to introduce yourself and to explain why you write to me.

Better yet, if your email is not actually feedback about this website but is instead a request for help, then although you are no less welcome and may even find that I do help you for free, please consider a formal consultation instead. This website exists as a free resource only because consultations have funded the research and the writing up. It can grow only if consultations continue to fund the work.

If you appreciate the work behind this site and its publication as a free resource, then far and away the best feedback is to help me fund the work: either use my commercial services or recommend them as best you can to everyone you know.