The public symbol file NTKRPAMP.PDB for the original release of Windows 10 tells that the kernel is built with the WOW64T.H header at


and draws from it the following type definitions:

Line Number Type
354 struct _GDI_TEB_BATCH32
362 struct _GDI_TEB_BATCH64
384 struct _CLIENT_ID32

The header WOW64T.H is published in the “minwin” directory of the Windows Driver Kit (WDK) for Windows 10 in the original and Version 1511 editions. This publication was almost certainly an oversight. Most headers in this directory do not compile without error, some for having a #include of a header that is not supplied with the kit (or is known ever to have been published), others for referring to types that are not defined in any other header that is supplied with the kit. Still, published it is. For the original release of Windows 10 in particular, the published WOW64T.H is thus kown to define more types than are revealed in any of the symbol files in the downloadable packages of public symbols for the same release:

Line Number Type Unconventional Type Definition
86 struct _ChildProcessInfo WOW64_CHILD_PROCESS_INFO
239 anonymous struct in
275 union _WOW64_EXECUTE_OPTIONS  
279 anonymous struct in
327 struct _CONTEXT32_RECORD_ENTRY  
335 struct _CONTEXT32_UPDATE  
342 struct _PEB_LDR_DATA32  
354 struct _GDI_TEB_BATCH32  
362 struct _GDI_TEB_BATCH64  
370 struct _Wx86ThreadState32 WX86THREAD32
377 struct _Wx86ThreadState64 WX86THREAD64
384 struct _CLIENT_ID32  
393 struct _CLIENT_ID64  
421 struct _WOW64INFO  
433 struct _PEB32_WITH_WOW64INFO  

No reason is yet known that of all these types that are defined in WOW64T.H, only the same four show in public symbol files for the kernel and NTDLL and even the private symbols for OLE32.