The public symbol file NTKRPAMP.PDB for the original release of Windows 10 tells that the kernel is built with the NTXCAPI_X.H header at


and draws from it the following type definitions:

Line Number Type Line Number (WDM.H)
77 struct _EXCEPTION_RECORD 19389
88 struct _EXCEPTION_RECORD32 19400
97 struct _EXCEPTION_RECORD64 19409
111 struct _EXCEPTION_POINTERS 19423

The header NTXCAPI_X.H is not known in any Device Driver Kit (DDK) or Windows Driver Kit (WDK). That said, all the types that the kernel is known to pick up from NTXCAPI_X.H are defined in the standard header WDM.H. The line numbers on the left are from NTXCAPI_X.H, as inferred from the public symbol file for the kernel. Those on the right are from WDM.H, as readily available in the WDK for Windows 10. It is not known whether NTXCAPI_X.H is the source of definitions in WDM.H or whether both pick them up from yet another header.