The public symbol file NTKRPAMP.PDB for the original release of Windows 10 tells that the kernel is built with the EX_X.H header at


and draws from it the following type definitions:

Line Number Type WDM.H NTOSP.H NTOSIFS.H Remarks
34 enum _POOL_TYPE 21560 16296    
259 enum _EX_POOL_PRIORITY 21773
16519   WDM.H loses 12
NTOSP.H loses 2
997 struct _LOOKASIDE_LIST_EX 22401 17204   WDM.H loses 110
NTOSP.H loses 53
1127 struct _NPAGED_LOOKASIDE_LIST 22531 17334    
1324 struct _PAGED_LOOKASIDE_LIST 22728 17531    
2582 struct _WORK_QUEUE_ITEM 22989 18773   WDM.H loses 997
NTOSP.H loses 16
2946 struct _OWNER_ENTRY 23058 19129   WDM.H loses 295
NTOSP.H loses 8
2959 struct _ERESOURCE 23071 19142    
3502 struct _EX_PUSH_LOCK   19630 100 NTOSP.H loses 55
3590 struct _EX_PUSH_LOCK_AUTO_EXPAND_STATE   19718 188  
3601 struct _EX_PUSH_LOCK_AUTO_EXPAND   19729 199  
3654 struct _EX_RUNDOWN_REF 23460 19780   NTOSP.H loses 2
3758 struct _EXHANDLE   19884    
4020 struct _EXT_DELETE_PARAMETERS 23583 20137   NTOSP.H loses 9

The header EX_X.H is not known in any Device Driver Kit (DDK) or Windows Driver Kit (WDK).

That said, all the types that the kernel is known to pick up from EX_X.H are defined in the standard header WDM.H for kernel-mode programming or in other aggregated headers, NTOSIFS.H and NTOSP.H, that Microsoft has mostly kept for its own projects but which are available from inspection because of the disclosure in the “minwin” directory of the Windows 10 WDK for the original release and for Version 1511.

Most of the types are extracted to both the widely available WDM.H and the private NTOSP.H, but both miss at least some lines and WDM.H consistently misses more. Some accounting is possible on the assumption that although each of these headers receives only a selection of lines from EX_X.H, their selections are contiguous. Put another way, assume that WDM.H lines 21560 to 23583 and NTOSP.H lines 16296 to 20137 are generated only as extractions from EX_X.H. Then some of the EX_X.H material that goes to NTOSP.H but not to WDM.H goes to NTDDK.H or NTIFS.H instead, but most is otherwise unknown in the WDK headers.