The KWAIT_STATE enumeration (formally _KWAIT_STATE) is thought to exist only within a KWAIT_STATUS_REGISTER as the latter’s State member. It was introduced for Windows 7.

Microsoft does not document the KWAIT_STATE but Microsoft’s names and values are known from public symbol files for the kernel, starting with Windows 7.

Value Name Versions
0 WaitInProgress 6.1 and higher
1 WaitCommitted 6.1 and higher
2 WaitAborted 6.1 and higher
3 WaitSuspendInProgress 10.0 and higher
4 WaitSuspended 10.0 and higher
5 WaitResumeInProgress 10.0 and higher
6 WaitResumeAborted 10.0 and higher
3 WaitFirstSuspendState 10.0 and higher
6 WaitLastSuspendState 10.0 and higher
3 (6.1 to 6.3);
MaximumWaitState 6.1 and higher

The enumeration’s values are presented above in their order of definition: WaitFirstSuspendState and WaitLastSuspendState, which mark the range of additions for Windows 10, are defined after the values they span.