The MEMORY_PARTITION_TRANSFER_INFORMATION structure (formally _MEMORY_PARTITION_TRANSFER_INFORMATION) is expected as input to NtManagePartition when given the information class SystemMemoryPartitionMoveMemory (1).

The MEMORY_PARTITION_TRANSFER_INFORMATION structure is 0x0C or 0x10 bytes in 32-bit and 64-bit Windows, respectively, at least to the 2004 edition of Windows 10. Note, however, that the 32-bit form is useless in practice before Version 1703 because the 32-bit NtManagePartition fails trivially (returning STATUS_NOT_SUPPORTED).

Offset (x86) Offset (x64) Definition
0x00 0x00
ULONG_PTR NumberOfPages;
0x04 0x08
ULONG NumaNode;
0x08 0x0C
ULONG Flags;

The NumaNode can be 0xFFFFFFFF to mean the node for the current thread’s ideal processor.

Though the original Windows requires that all bits be clear in the Flags, valid bits soon were defined. Microsoft’s names are not known:

Mask Versions Remarks
0x00000001 1511 and higher  
0x00000002 1703 and higher  
0x00000004 1703 and higher  
0x00000008 1709 and higher  
0x00000010 1709 and higher  
0x000001E0 2004 and higher  
0x00000200 2004 and higher not invalid, but not (yet) supported