The HviIsHypervisorVendorMicrosoft function tells whether the cpuid instruction is implemented by a hypervisor from Microsoft.


BOOLEAN HviIsHypervisorVendorMicrosoft (VOID);

Return Value

The function returns TRUE or FALSE according to whether a hypervisor is present and is from Microsoft.


The HviIsHypervisorVendorMicrosoft function is exported by name from the kernel in version 10.0 and higher.

Documentation Status

The HviIsHypervisorVendorMicrosoft function is not documented.


If a hypervisor is present—see HviIsAnyHypervisorPresent—the function executes cpuid leaf 0x40000000. Storing the output values of ebx, ecx and edx in successive bytes produces 12 characters that identify the hypervisor’s vendor. The function returns TRUE if and only if this identifier is “Microsoft Hv”.