HAL Exports Added For Version 5.2

No exports were added to the x86 HAL for any known build of version 5.2, i.e., for Windows Server 2003. However, several were introduced for the x64 HAL in Windows Server 2003 SP1. None are documented. Three do not survive even to the next version.

Function Remarks
HalCallBios x64 only;
discontinued in 6.2
HalHandleMcheck x64 only
HalIsHyperThreadingEnabled x64 only
HalSendNMI x64 only
HalSendSoftwareInterrupt x64 only;
x86 also in 10.0 and higher
x86BiosExecuteInterrupt x64 only;
discontinued in 6.0
x86BiosInitializeBiosEx x64 only;
discontinued in 6.0
x86BiosTranslateAddress x64 only;
discontinued in 6.0