This function frees a transfer buffer in the shadow memory of the x86 BIOS emulator.


x86BiosFreeBuffer (
    USHORT Segment,
    USHORT Offset);


The Segment and Offset arguments provide a real-mode address of a buffer previously obtained from x86BiosAllocateBuffer.

Return Value

The function returns zero (STATUS_SUCCESS) for success, else a status code.


This function accesses a simple memory manager which has just one buffer. This buffer is 4KB at the real-mode address 2000:0000.

It is an error (STATUS_INVALID_PARAMETER) if the memory manager is not initialised or if its one buffer is not currently allocated or if the given real-mode address is not equivalent to the expected address 2000:0000. Otherwise, the buffer becomes available again and the function succeeds.


The x86BiosFreeBuffer function is exported by name from the HAL in version 6.0 and higher. It is undocumented.