C1XX Options

There is no official literature for C1XX.DLL. Many C1XX command-line options are documented indirectly because they are CL.EXE options that pass through to C1XX more or less unchanged and happen to be among those that Microsoft documents for CL. All others seem not to be documented at all.

In the list below of C1XX options recognised by version 13.00.9466, those that are not known to be generated by CL are highlighted yellow. In practice, they must be passed to C1XX through the CL /d1 option.

Some of the C1XX-specific options are plainly aids to maintaining and testing the compiler. Some are just aliases, presumably predating the form in which the option is now documented. Some are obsolete, being no longer made available through CL and no longer documented, but still supported at the lower level. Yet with these set aside, there remain so many other C1XX-specific options that it would be surprising if none were useful to programmers outside Microsoft. It is at least imaginable that some are used by Microsoft’s own programmers when developing software that Microsoft sells in competition with the work of programmers outside Microsoft (who may think, naively, that the mechanical reduction of their creative output to executable product is done the same for them as for Microsoft). A necessary step to deciding such questions is to have a list.