C1XX -SplitPdbs






This option is not recognised on the CL command line, but can be passed to C1XX through the CL /d1 option, giving SplitPdbs as its argument (with or without a trailing negative).


The -SplitPdbs option concerns the placement of additional debugging information needed only for the various forms of incremental compilation. With -SplitPdbs enabled, the ordinary debugging information and the incremental go to separate PDB files. The ordinary PDB file is named by the -Fd option. The incremental PDB file has this same name but with the extension “.idb”.

It is a fatal error (C1074) if -SplitPdbs is enabled and the names of the two PDB files would conflict because the ordinary PDB file, as named with -Fd, already has the “.idb” extension. As an aside, note that C1XX assumes it is given a non-empty -Fd option to name the ordinary PDB file. This is a matter of trusting CL to prepare such an option by default. The PDB filename chosen by CL in default of a /Fd option is “vc70.pdb”.

Even with -SplitPdbs enabled, the separate IDB file is used only if at least one of the -FD, -Gi, -Gm and -ZI options is enabled.