Support This Site

There are more than 3,000 pages at this website. Put aside the placeholders for work that has never properly got under way, and very nearly all the other pages at this website are original research, all offered for free as a public good.

At first I funded all this work from the proceeds of consultation services years before when I did very much less research and kept the results to myself. Later I funded it by trying to fit consultation and reearch together, mostly by giving up my nights and weekends. I have been mostly happy to spend my time and money on this research-and-writing just to see what can be achieved, but I can’t keep doing it without substantial help.

If I had any business skills or were any good at raising funding, I would likely be no good at the research or the writing, let alone at both, and I doubt I’d have imagined that such research and writing are even possible. Without full-time funding, they pretty much are impossible.

If you value this website as a public good, then please recommend it to people who have the resources to fund it and may have the will. If all you have is an idea for possible funding, it’s very possibly more than occurs to me with my limited mind for these things, so please send me your suggestion.

Although I am convinced now that research of a high standard demands full-time attention—indeed, commitment—the fact is that the second-best way to get the research funded is to divert some time to commercial consultation, i.e., using skills and knowledge from the research to solve real-world problems for a fee. If you can’t help me find full-time funding, then by far the best support is to recommend my consultation services as widely and strongly as you can.