All the many functions in the API-MS-Win-Core-File-L1-1-0 set are documented exports from KERNEL32:

For most of these functions, the implementations in KERNEL32 version 6.1 and higher are just stubs which transfer the handling to wherever the schema redirects the API Set. The exceptions are:

which are also transferred to the API Set but with varying amounts of pre- or post-processing;


which all retain substantial code in KERNEL32 (and are not transferred to the API Set).

New Locations

Non-trivial implementations of all functions in this API Set are exported from KERNELBASE version 6.1 and higher, even if very nearly duplicating a substantial implementation that persists in KERNEL32.

Schema Redirection

The Windows 7 schema redirects this API Set to KERNEL32, except that when KERNEL32 itself imports from the API Set, the redirection is to KERNELBASE. Thus: