SHLWAPI 6.1 Ordinal-Only Exports

The column of Remarks and the usual colour-coding of documentation status await my receipt (on disc from an MSDN subscription) of a definitive SDK for Windows 7 to adopt as a formal reference edition for Microsoft’s documentation. Meanwhile, these functions are here assumed to be undocumented, this being Microsoft’s usual practice for functions that are exported only by ordinal.

Ordinal Function Remarks
572 SHExpandEnvironmentStringsAlloc  
576 QuerySourceCreateFromKeyEx  
599 SHUnicodeToAnsiCPAlloc  
600 SHAnsiToUnicodeCPAlloc  
641 SHGetSizeShared  
642 SHGetSignatureInfoEx  
643 PathUnExpandSystemEnvStrings  
644 IStream_ReadStrLong  
645 IStream_WriteStrLong