IID_IItemFilterOwner {7E1AF054-83A6-47FC-AB27-A58AE8D9C705}

The IItemFilterOwner methods are (as ordered in the virtual function table after the IItemFilter methods):

Offset Method
0x24 SetTextFilterCondition
0x28 SetTextPropKeys
0x2C SetFilterCondition
0x30 SetPropertyFilter

with prototypes:

HRESULT SetTextFilterCondition (IFilterCondition *);
HRESULT SetTextPropKeys (PROPERTYKEY const *, UINT);
HRESULT SetFilterCondition (IFilterCondition *);
HRESULT SetPropertyFilter (PROPERTYKEY const &, IFilterCondition *);


The IItemFilterOwner interface is implemented in the SHELL32.DLL version 6.00 from Windows Vista, and higher.