SHELL32 4.0 Named Exports

Among the exported names introduced for SHELL32 version 4.0 are many that are exported only by the NT implementations. Those names that do not appear in any Windows implementation of any SHELL32 version are distinguished by the remark “NT-only”. Where the name persists in both the Windows and NT implementations of SHELL32 versions higher than 4.0, the table below remarks “NT-only in version 4.0”.

Many of these functions have an earlier existence as named exports from versions 1.30 and 3.51, but with a slight variation in name. The earlier name has no A or W suffix and is an ANSI coding for functionality that can now have both ANSI and Unicode forms with A and W suffixes respectively.

Function Remarks
Control_FillCache_RunDLLA NT-only in version 4.0;
discontinued in version 6.0 from Windows Vista
Control_FillCache_RunDLLW NT-only in version 4.0;
discontinued in version 6.0 from Windows Vista
Control_RunDLLA NT-only in version 4.0
Control_RunDLLW NT-only in version 4.0
OpenAs_RunDLLA NT-only in version 4.0
OpenAs_RunDLLW NT-only in version 4.0
PrintersGetCommand_RunDLLA NT-only in version 4.0
PrintersGetCommand_RunDLLW NT-only in version 4.0
SHGetDataFromIDListW NT-only in version 4.0
SHGetNewLinkInfo NT-only in version 4.0;
documented as requiring “version 4.71 or later”
SHHelpShortcuts_RunDLLA NT-only in version 4.0
SHHelpShortcuts_RunDLLW NT-only in version 4.0
Shl1632_ThunkData32 Windows builds of version 4.0 only
Shl3216_ThunkData32 Windows builds of version 4.0 only
SHUpdateRecycleBinIcon NT-only in version 4.0