COMCTL32 6.10 Named Exports

Version 6.10 introduces 22 new functions that are exported by name, but just 9 are documented. Another is added for Windows 7.

That so many are undocumented is surely intended. All but two (three in Windows 7) have ordinals that are out of sequence from the auto-numbering that is more typical of named exports, suggesting that they were developed as ordinal-only exports, as usual for functions that Microsoft keeps from programmers at large, before a decision was taken to document some and to make the others more accessible.

Function Remarks
AttachScrollBars (207)  
CCEnableScrollBar (210)  
CCGetScrollInfo (209)  
CCSetScrollInfo (208)  
DetachScrollBars (206)  
DPA_GetSize (347)  
DrawScrollBar (201)  
DrawSizeBox (200)  
DSA_Clone (343)  
DSA_GetSize (348)  
DSA_Sort (346)  
HandleScrollCmd (205)  
ImageList_DestroyShared begins from  Windows 7
LoadIconMetric (380)  
LoadIconWithScaleDown (381)  
QuerySystemGestureStatus (394)  
ScrollBar_Menu (204)  
ScrollBar_MouseMove (203)  
SizeBoxHwnd (202)  
TaskDialog (344)  
TaskDialogIndirect (345)