COMCTL32 6.0 Named Exports

Version 6.0 introduces four new functions that are exported by name. One of them did not get documented immediately.

Function Remarks
HIMAGELIST_QueryInterface documented with “Windows Vista” as minimum operating system

Functions Previously Exported Only By Ordinal

Version 6.0 also started exporting by name four functions that had been exported only by ordinal ever since their introduction with version 4.72. Three subsequently became exported by name in version 5.82 from Windows XP SP1 and are listed among the named exports from version 5.82 (since this survey is ordered by version number). The other is exported by name only in version 6.0 and higher, presumably because Microsoft intends that it be used only with “version 6.0 or later” by users who “specify Comctl32.dll version 6 in the manifest”.

Function Ordinal First Availability Versions that Export By Name
GetWindowSubclass 411 4.72 version 6.0 and higher