This message sets the background image or watermark of a List-View control.

hWnd window handle of List-View control
uMsg LVM_SETBKIMAGEA (0x1044) for ANSI form
LVM_SETBKIMAGEW (0x108A) for Unicode form
wParam ignored
lParam provides the address of an LVBKIMAGE structure that specifies the background image or watermark
returns TRUE for success, else FALSE


In COMCTL32 versions 6.10 and higher, the LVM_SETBKIMAGEW message passes lParam to the SetBackgroundImage method of the List-View control’s IListView interface, returning TRUE or FALSE according to whether the method succeeds or fails.

The LVM_SETBKIMAGEA message is not implemented just as a call to SetBackgroundImage with wrapping for character-set translation. The separate coding for the ANSI form does not require that the control has been created but not yet destroyed. More importantly, the ANSI form does not know about watermarks: it behaves as if the LVBKIF_TYPE_WATERMARK bit is clear on input.

Early Implementations



The LVM_SETBKIMAGE message has both ANSI and Unicode forms. The NT builds of COMCTL32 implement both forms in versions 4.71 and higher, but the Unicode forms are not supported in the Windows builds until version 5.80.