This function retrieves an item from a DPA.


DPA_GetPtr (
    HDPA pdpa,
    int index);


The pdpa argument provides a handle to the DPA.

The index argument provides the 0-based index of the desired item.

Return Value

If successful, the function returns a pointer to the desired item, including to return NULL for an empty item. The function returns NULL for failure.


The function fails if the DPA handle is NULL, or if the index is negative or is not not less than the current number of pointers in the array.

Otherwise, the function retrieves the pointer that is stored under the given index in the given DPA.


Defence against a NULL pdpa argument begins in a build of version 4.0. Specifically, there is no defence in the version 4.0 from Windows 95, or in any earlier version, but there is in the version 4.0 for Internet Explorer 3.00 for Windows NT. (I have no copy of an Internet Explorer 3.00 for Windows 95. See the list of COMCTL32 versions found for this survey.)


The DPA_GetPtr function is exported from COMCTL32.DLL as ordinal 332 in version 3.50 and higher. The implementation for version 6.10 and higher is built into a statically linked library and thence is also exported from the Internet Explorer module IERTUTIL.DLL as ordinal 81 in version 7.0 and higher.

This function was documented among the Settlement Program Interfaces in December 2002, but with Windows 2000 cited as the minimum operating system, despite many years of earlier availability.