This function destroys the given DPA.


BOOL DPA_Destroy (HDPA pdpa);


The pdpa argument provides a handle to the DPA, or is NULL.

Return Value

The function returns a non-zero value to indicate success, else zero for failure.


This function frees the one or two heap allocations that support the given DPA. It succeeds trivially if the given DPA handle is NULL.


The DPA_Destroy function is exported from COMCTL32.DLL as ordinal 329 in version 3.50 and higher. The implementation for version 6.10 and higher is built into a statically linked library and thence is also exported from the Internet Explorer module IERTUTIL.DLL as ordinal 78 in version 7.0 and higher.

This function was documented among the Settlement Program Interfaces in December 2002, but with Windows 2000 cited as the minimum operating system, despite many years of earlier availability.