IID_ITravelLogClient2 {0AD364CE-ADCB-11D3-8269-00805FC732C0}

The ITravelLogClient2 methods are (as ordered in the virtual function table after the IUnknown methods):

Offset Method
0x0C GetDummyWindowData

with prototypes:



The ITravelLogClient2 interface is implemented in SHDOCVW version 5.50 and higher, until discontinued for Windows Vista.

Note that the Windows Vista versions of IEFRAME, SHDOCVW and SHELL32 rename the interface to ITravelLogClientWrapper, keeping the same IID, but adding a method and amending GetDummyWindowData to have one more argument.

Though this interface dates from as long ago as 2000, it was still not documented by Microsoft as late as the January 2004 edition of the MSDN Library on CD.

That said, the interface was not completely undocumented. As often for interfaces, the corresponding IID symbol is defined in the UUID.LIB library, even though it is not declared in any header—at least, not any that Microsoft distributes with the SDK.