IID_IShellBrowserService2 {59BEAE19-B519-4B53-A5EF-31127753739C}

The IShellBrowserService2 methods are (as ordered in the virtual function table after the IShellBrowserService methods):

Offset Method
0x88 WndProcBS
0x8C SetAsDefFolderSettings
0x90 GetViewRect
0x94 OnSize
0x98 OnCreate
0x9C OnCommand
0xA0 OnDestroy
0xA4 OnNotify
0xA8 OnSetFocus
0xAC OnFrameWindowActivateBS
0xB0 ReleaseShellView
0xB4 ActivatePendingView
0xB8 CreateViewWindow
0xBC CreateBrowserPropSheetExt
0xC0 GetViewWindow
0xC4 GetBaseBrowserData
0xC8 PutBaseBrowserData
0xCC InitializeTravelLog
0xD0 SetTopBrowser
0xD4 Offline
0xD8 AllowViewResize
0xDC SetActivateState
0xE0 UpdateSecureLockIcon
0xE4 InitializeDownloadManager
0xE8 InitializeTransitionSite
0xEC _Initialize
0xF0 _CancelPendingNavigationAsync
0xF4 _CancelPendingView
0xF8 _MaySaveChanges
0xFC _PauseOrResumeView
0x0100 _DisableModeless
0x0104 _NavigateToPidl
0x0108 _TryShell2Rename
0x010C _SwitchActivationNow
0x0110 _ExecChildren
0x0114 _SendChildren
0x0118 GetFolderSetData
0x011C _OnFocusChange
0x0120 v_ShowHideChildWindows
0x0124 _get_itbLastFocus
0x0128 _put_itbLastFocus
0x012C _UIActivateView
0x0130 _GetViewBorderRect
0x0134 _UpdateViewRectSize
0x0138 _ResizeNextBorder
0x013C _ResizeView
0x0140 _GetEffectiveClientArea
0x0144 v_GetViewStream
0x0148 ForwardViewMsg
0x014C SetAcceleratorMenu
0x0150 _GetToolbarCount
0x0154 _GetToolbarItem
0x0158 _SaveToolbars
0x015C _LoadToolbars
0x0160 _CloseAndReleaseToolbars
0x0164 v_MayGetNextToolbarFocus
0x0168 _ResizeNextBorderHelper
0x016C _FindTBar
0x0170 _SetFocus
0x0174 v_MayTranslateAccelerator
0x0178 _GetBorderDWHelper
0x017C v_CheckZoneCrossing

The IShellBrowserService2 interface is just the documented IBrowserService2 interface with a new name and IID and with its methods pushed along in the virtual function table because the base IShellBrowserService has one more method than has IBrowserService.


The IShellBrowserService2 interface is implemented in BROWSEUI version 6.0 from Windows Vista, SHDOCVW version 6.0 from Windows Vista, and SHELL32 version 6.0 from Windows Vista.

This interface is not documented by Microsoft in the January 2007 edition of the Windows Software Development Kit (SDK).