IID_IPersistHistory2 {4F77BADD-A032-41C7-B32F-0B44570DF139}

The IPersistHistory2 methods are those of the documented IPersistHistory plus:

Offset Method
0x20 SaveHistoryEx

with prototype:

HRESULT SaveHistoryEx (IStream *, IBindCtx *);


This interface is implemented in the SHDOCVW version 6.0 from Windows Vista only, and in IEFRAME version 7.0 and higher. However it is also implemented in the SHELL32 version 6.0 from Windows Vista, and higher. These brief notes are placed here among the SHDOCVW interfaces only until a better classification is settled.

This interface is not documented by Microsoft in the January 2007 edition of the Windows Software Development Kit (SDK).