Determines if User Account Control is enabled.


BOOL IEStubIsLuaEnabled (VOID); 

Return Value

The function returns TRUE or FALSE according to whether


This function’s question is evaluated just the once. If the function has been called before, it returns whatever it knows from the first execution.

LUA, standing for Least-Privilege User Account, is here taken as an early name for what Microsoft eventually described as User Account Control (UAC). Whether LUA is enabled depends entirely on one registry value:

Key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System
Value: EnableLUA
Default: 1 if version 8.0 or higher on Windows Vista or higher;
0 otherwise

The function expects REG_DWORD data, such that LUA is enabled according to whether the data is non-zero. However, the function accepts fewer than four bytes, of any type. Version 8.0 provides that if the value is missing (as opposed to being unreadable), then the default is 1 if running on Windows Vista or higher.


The IEStubIsLuaEnabled function is exported from IERTUTIL as ordinal 30 in version 7.0 and higher.