Queries an Internet Explorer setting that is a registry value in a specified logical hive.


GetInHiveValue (
    REFGUID Guid, 
    HIVEID HiveId, 
    TYPE Type, 
    BOOL Expand, 
    PBYTE pData, 
    ULONG cbData, 
    PBYTE *ppData, 
    ULONG *pcbData);

in which HIVEID and TYPE are each an enum in the SettingStore namespace.


The Guid argument specifies the setting to work on.

The HiveId argument specifies a logical hive for the setting. Refer to the general notes for supported cases.

The Type argument specifies the type of data that is wanted. Refer to the general notes for supported cases.

The Expand argument is FALSE if environment variables in the data are not to be expanded, else is TRUE.

The pData and cbData arguments provide the address and the size in bytes, respectively, of a buffer that is to receive the data. If the pData argument is NULL, the ppData and pcbData arguments provide the addresses of variables that are to receive the address and size in bytes of a buffer that contains the retrieved data. The caller must subsequently release this buffer from the process heap using HeapFree. The ppData argument can be NULL if only the size is wanted.

Return Value

The function returns zero for success, else an error code.


The GetInHiveValue function is exported from IERTUTIL as ordinal 652 in version 8.0 and higher.