BROWSEUI Functions

The large table on this page is this study’s master list of functions that appear in the export directory of any known 32-bit build of BROWSEUI.DLL. It gives for each function just brief summaries of the applicable BROWSEUI versions and of the function’s status with respect to Microsoft’s documentation (not that there’s much to say on this point, given that Microsoft does not actually document any). Additional explanatory notes follow the table.

Function Applicable Versions Documentation Status
Channel_GetFolderPidl (128) 5.0 and higher  
Channel_QuickLaunch (133) 5.0 and higher  
ChannelBand_Create (129) 5.0 and higher  
Channels_SetBandInfoSFB (130) 5.0 and higher  
DllCanUnloadNow 5.0 to 6.0 (documented)
DllGetClassObject 5.0 to 6.0 (documented)
DllGetVersion 5.0 and higher (documented)
DllInstall 5.0 up to but not including 6.0 from Windows Vista (documented)
DllRegisterServer 5.0 up to but not including 6.0 from Windows Vista (documented)
DllUnregisterServer 5.0 up to but not including 6.0 from Windows Vista (documented)
DropTargetWrap_CreateInstance (119) 5.0 only  
GetInfoTip (135) 5.0 and higher  
IDataObject_GetDeskBandSite (122) 5.0 and higher  
InitOCHostClass (101) 5.0 and higher  
IUnknown_SetBandInfoSFB (131) 5.0 and higher  
SHCloneIETHREADPARAM (124) 5.0 and higher  
SHCreateBandForPidl (120) 5.0 and higher  
SHCreateBrowserProgressAggregator (139) 6.0 from Windows Vista, and higher  
SHCreateFromDesktop (106) 5.0 and higher  
SHCreateIETHREADPARAM (123) 5.0 and higher  
SHCreateSavedWindows (105) 5.0 and higher  
SHDestroyIETHREADPARAM (126) 5.0 and higher  
SHEnumClassesOfCategories (136) 6.0 from Windows XP SP2 and Windows Server 2003 SP1, and higher  
SHExplorerParseCmdLine (107) 5.0 and higher  
SHGetNavigateTarget (134) 5.0 and higher  
SHOnCWMCommandLine (127) 5.0 and higher  
SHOpenFolderWindow (102) 5.0 and higher  
SHOpenNewFrame (103) 5.0 and higher  
SHParseIECommandLine (125) 5.0 and higher  
SHPidlFromDataObject (121) 5.0 and higher  
SHStartDDEThread (138) 6.0 from Windows XP SP2 and Windows Server 2003 SP1, and higher  
SHWriteClassesOfCategories (137) 6.0 from Windows XP SP2 and Windows Server 2003 SP1, and higher  
UEMRegisterNotify (118) 6.0 and higher  



Function names are reproduced from the export directory of the BROWSEUI.DLL executable, wherever possible. For functions that are not exported by name, i.e., are exported only by ordinal, from any known BROWSEUI version, names are inferred from symbol files that Microsoft supplies for customer support. For ordinal-only exports, the ordinal is given in brackets immediately after the function’s name.


The BROWSEUI versions shown for each function are inferred from a study of known releases, making reasonable assumptions about likely continuity, especially to suppose that a function will exist in future versions or that a function exists in all builds of a version if no counter-example has yet been found.

This study refers to applicable products and service packs in ascending order of versions and build numbers. Be aware that this is not chronological order. This applies especially to version 6.0, which can come from three major releases of Internet Explorer and four of Windows. API changes are known to have occurred roughly simultaneously for Windows XP SP2, Windows Server 2003 SP1 and Internet Explorer 7, and then carried into Windows Vista. Others are known to have been introduced for Windows Vista but not carried to Internet Explorer 8 or to later service-pack releases of Windows XP or Windows Server 2003.

Documentation Status

The reference for documentation is the January 2007 edition of the Software Development Kit (SDK) for Windows Vista. That a function is not marked as “documented” does not mean for certain that Microsoft does not document it, just that I haven’t yet found where.

A few functions are not documented specifically as exports from BROWSEUI but fit some general cases. These are indicated by enclosing the documentation status in brackets.