The required member argument consists of everything after the colon. It is a fatal error (LNK1131) if there is no library among the input files.


The /extract option puts LIB into the mode in which it extracts from a library. Note however that /def and /list have precedence.

LIB searches the first of the libraries that are given as input files. LIB extracts the first member, whether a linker member or an object-file member, whose name is member. Matching is case-insensitive. LIB writes the matching member as the output file. If no output file is named with a /out option, then LIB defaults to the filespec (file name and extension) of the member.

Documentation Status

Microsoft’s documentation is demonstrably incorrect that “the member name is case sensitive” and that “there is no default output name”. How does such a thing a happen?