The official literature for EDITBIN does document most command-line options. However, undocumented options do exist and some of the documented options are arguably not documented well—indeed, are documented misleadingly. In the list below of EDITBIN options recognised by version 7.00.9466, those that the January 2004 edition of the MSDN Library on CD does not document for EDITBIN are highlighted yellow.

The alternative documentation attempted here, not that there is yet any to speak of, assumes familiarity with the general syntax of linker options. Few are likely ever to give more than the syntax. This documentation is at best a work in progress, and what progress there is may of course cease at any time, indefinitely, for lack of support.

The options listed below are all those that EDITBIN recognises. Anything else causes warning LNK4044.

Options that begin as /libpath or /linkrepro (without the ordinarily inconsequential question mark) are ignored without complaint. However, they are not EDITBIN options, even trivial ones. That EDITBIN ignores them—indeed, doesn’t see them—is a quirk of the code that handles multiple command-line passes by LINK and LIB.