This option restricts DUMPBIN’s attention to particular sections.



The required section argument consists of everything after the colon.


This option applies to executables in PE format and to COFF objects (whether as self-standing files or embedded in a library).

Many DUMPBIN options enable the dumping of some corresponding file feature as part of the dumping of whatever section contains the data for this feature. To be eligible for such dumps, a section in an applicable input file must be eligible with respect to /section and, in executables, be also eligible with respect to /range. To be eligible with respect to /section means that either the section is named in a /section option or there are no /section options.

For each applicable input file, for each section named in any /section option, if a section with that same name does not exist in the file, DUMPBIN raises a warning (LNK4039). For each applicable input file, for each section in the file, if the section is not named in any /section option, then unless the reason is that there are no /section options, DUMPBIN ignores this section without complaint. Section names are case-sensitive.