This option combines many other, but not all, DUMPBIN options.


No arguments are anticipated. The option is /all only.


The /all option acts as a shorthand for

/archivemembers /clrheader /directives /exports /fixup /fpo /headers /imports /linenumbers /linkermember /loadconfig /pdata /rawdata[:none] /relocations /summary /symbols

The /rawdata retains the none keyword’s presence or absence from the last /rawdata option (if any) before the /all. The effect, and presumably the intention, is that /all and /rawdata:none commute.

Documentation Status

Where the documentation says that “this option displays all available information except code disassembly”, it presumably (and not unreasonably) means all information that is documented as being available. Of options that add a class of information to be dumped, /all omits not only /disasm, as documented, but also

Among the options implied by /all is one, namely /fixup, that is not documented as being available on its own.


From an old version (3.00.5270, from Visual C++ 4.0), it may reasonably be deduced that the omission of the undocumented /omapf and /omapt is no oversight. Both used to be in the /all expansion. Their removal will have been deliberate. It’s just that the implications for the documentation somehow got missed.

Contrast this with the change in treatment of /rawdata. This old version has /rawdata:none in the expansion (so that raw data is displayed only if a /rawdata follows the /all). The change to having /rawdata by default but keeping a preceding /rawdata:none will have required some programming—but this time, the corresponding change to the documentation was not missed.