ATL Attribute Provider Error ATL0

Message Text

Unknown error #number


This error is obviously not meant to occur. Nonetheless, it can, if the soap_method attribute is applied to a method that has an argument of a type that is so unsuitable that ATLPROV has not anticipated it. A pointer to void suffices. The following example is roughly minimal.

#define     _WIN32_WINNT    0x0400
#define     _ATL_ATTRIBUTES
#include    <atlbase.h>
#include    <atlsoap.h>

__interface ITest
    HRESULT Method (PVOID);

    soap_handler ("")
class CTest : public ITest
    [soap_method] HRESULT Method (PVOID p);
};                                              // ATL0

The number in the message text is not any sort of error number but is instead the decimal representation of the address at which ATLPROV has the name of the target method.