C++ Attributes: module

Declares the module level properties for the DLL or EXE


    define_attribute = "module",
    argument_list = {
    argument_type ("uuid") = 10,
    argument_type ("control") = eBooleanValue,
    argument_type ("helpstring") = eANSIStringValue,
    argument_type ("helpstringdll") = eANSIStringValue,
    check_argument ("type") = {
    default_value ("type") = "dll",
    default_value ("name") = "",
    default_value ("version") = "1.0",
    help_string = "Declares the module level properties for the DLL or EXE",
    help_string ("type") = "The type of module - DLL, EXE, Application, Service or Console",
    help_string ("name") = "The name of the library block",
    help_string ("version") = "The version number assigned to the library block",
    help_string ("uuid") = "The unique id for the library",
    help_string ("lcid") = "The native locale of the module",
    help_string ("control") = "Specifies that all coclasses in the library are controls",
    help_string ("helpstring") = "A character string used to describe the type library",
    help_string ("helpstringcontext") = "Specifies a 32-bit Help context identifier in the Help file",
    help_string ("helpstringdll") = "The name of the DLL to use to perform a document string lookup",
    help_string ("helpfile") = "The name of the help file for the type library",
    help_string ("helpcontext") = "The help ID for this type library",
    help_string ("hidden") = "Prevents the entire library from being displayed",
    help_string ("restricted") = "Members of the library cannot be called arbitrarily",
    help_string ("custom") = "Creates a user-defined attribute -- cf. MSDN; MIDL: Platform SDK",
    help_string ("resource_name") = "Resource ID of the string that contains the resource name",
    usage = eAnonymousUsage | eClassUsage | eStructUsage,
    group = eModuleGroup,
    repeatable ("custom") = "true",
    multivalue ("custom") = "true",
    shipping = "true",
    variable_args = "true"