CL /showIncludes


This option has no arguments. It is /showIncludes only.


The /showIncludes option has no syntactical relations with other options.

It passes unchanged to the front-end C and C++ compilers (C1 and C1XX).


The only action of this option is to have the front-end compiler report inclusion of source files. Each report is issued to standard error in the form

Note: including file: filename

The filename is indented by one space for each level of nested inclusion.

At the time of the note, the named file has been opened and some amount has been read but not yet put to preprocessing. That said, the note is not the very first action after the inclusion has been successfully set up. First, a #line directive naming the included file is written as preprocessor output, if such output is enabled (as by /E or /P) but line re-numbering is not suppressed (as by /EP). Second, the first few bytes read from the included file are checked for Unicode signatures (as for warning C4821).

Where an inclusion refers to a file that has been loaded previously and was found to contain a #pragma once directive, the compiler remembers not to open the file again and therefore does not issue this note.