C2 Fatal Errors

The table below, which is still in development (for accuracy as well as for completeness), lists the fatal errors that the back-end C/C++ compiler (C2) is known to be capable of issuing in version 13.00.9466.

Text for each error message is reproduced from the corresponding resource string in the executable, with placeholders resolved as much as possible in the style of the product documentation.

Error numbers that the product documentation does not list among the C/C++ Build Errors are highlighted yellow. For some, the code that can raise the error may turn out at closer inspection to be unreachable.

Fatal Error Message
        (compiler file '%s', line %d)
         Please choose the Technical Support command on the Visual C++
         Help menu, or open the Technical Support help file for more information
C1002 compiler is out of heap space in pass 2
C1003 error count exceeds %d; stopping compilation
C1007 unrecognized flag '%s' in '%s'
C1037 cannot open object file '%s'
C1048 unknown option '%c' in '%s'
C1049 invalid numerical argument '%s'
C1053 '%s' : function too large
C1055 compiler limit : out of keys
C1063 compiler limit : compiler stack overflow
C1083 Cannot open %Fs file: '%Fs': %Fs
C1085 Cannot write %Fs file: '%Fs': %Fs
C1093 bad '%s' flag, would overwrite '%s' with '%s'
C1094 too many '%s' flags, '%s'
C1126 automatic allocation exceeds %s
C1128 object file format limit exceeded : more than 65,279 sections
C1300 error accessing program database %s (%s)
C1301 error accessing program database %s, invalid format, please delete and rebuild
C1302 no profile data for module '%s' in profile database '%s'
C1305 profile database '%s' is for a different architecture
C1306 last change to profile data base '%s' was not\noptimization analysis; optimization decisions may be out of date
C1307 program has been edited since profile data was collected
C1350 error loading dll '%s': dll not found
C1351 error loading dll '%s': incompatible version
C1601 unsupported inline assembly opcode
C1602 unsupported intrinsic
C1603 inline assembly branch target out of range by %d bytes
C1900 Il mismatch between '%s' version '%ld' and '%s' version '%ld'
C1905 Front end and back end not compatible (must target same processor).