Most Viewed in August 2010

No pages at an obscure technical site are ever really hot, but many nowadays attract more than 100 views per month. There are nearing 2,000 pages at this site. Most are very detailed descriptions of functionality in Windows. Though they are the sort of thing that may be the key to some advanced programmer being able to complete his work, they are beyond arcane to everyone else. I am astonished that any of these pages get looked at even once a day.

This site had 12,407 visits in August 2010, from 9,317 unique visitors. This is the first month in well over a year that the site has not had at least 10,000 unique visitors.

Over the past few months, Google has been losing track of ever more pages at this site. In many cases, a search for a page by title or by representative text produces plenty enough links to the page (and sometimes turns up pages that merely copy my writing, with or without attribution) yet does not produce the page itself. Of course, I’m not the first to wonder about the mysteries of how Google scours the Internet, but to see one’s own site progressively disappear from Google’s attention does bring home the immense power of Internet search engines in modern society. Although this website does not depend commercially on being found through Google, many do.

There follows a list of pages that were each viewed at least 100 times in August 2010. The faded titles are just index pages which I presume are viewed only or mainly on the way to others, especially while moving from one Table of Contents to another. Two of these index pages are just the skimpiest of placeholders, pending my writing an introduction. The rank in brackets is from the previous month.

Rank Page Views
1 (1) Licensed Memory in Windows Vista 6,871
2 (2) Geoff Chappell, Software Analyst 1,434
3 (5) Win32 350
4 (6) Kernel 322
5 (12) Licensed Processors in Windows Vista 283
6   Internet Explorer Registry API 268
7 (4) Edit Boot Options in Windows Vista 255
8 (7) Notes 247
9 (9) Visual C++ 185
10 (11) Shell 178
10 (18) Installed License Values 178
12 (21) What’s New? 165
13 (23) ZwQueryLicenseValue 153
14 (14) Internet Explorer 142
15 (33) Boot Windows from a Network 133
16 (39) Missing Icons in Notification Area 121
17 (3) The First Run Page in Internet Explorer 119
18 (15) BCD Elements 110
18 (37) Boot Options: pae 110
20 (27) About This Site 107
21 (36) Windows Diagnostic Infrastructure 103
22 (19) The Advanced Boot Options Menu in Windows Vista 100
22 (25) Boot Configuration Data (BCD) 100