Most Viewed in January 2009

No pages at an obscure technical site are ever really hot, but increasingly many attract more than 100 views per month. I am astonished that any pages at this site get looked at even once a day.

This site had 4,292 visits in January 2009, from 3,539 unique visitors.

There follows a list of pages that were each viewed at least 100 times in January 2009. The faded titles are just index pages which I presume are viewed only or mainly on the way to others, especially while moving from one Table of Contents to another. Two of these index pages are just the skimpiest of placeholders, pending my writing an introduction.

Rank Page Views
1 Geoff Chappell, Software Analyst 2,371
2 Edit Boot Options in Windows Vista 414
3 Boot Options: numproc 246
4 Microsoft Visual C++ 179
5 SHELL32 Functions 142
6 A Study of the Windows Shell 140
7 Get More from the Windows Boot Menu 139
8 Internet Explorer Options 113
9 NTDLL Functions 109
10 Feature Control in Internet Explorer 108