Kernel Exports Added for Windows 2000 SP4

The table below lists the two exports that were first added to the Windows kernel for the version 5.0 from Windows 2000 SP4. One is exported from no other known build of any version. The other seems to have been added for Windows Server 2003, then back-fitted into the roughly contemporaneous Windows 2000 SP4, skipping Windows XP. Neither of these functions is documented.

Function Remarks
ObDeleteCapturedInsertInfo not in 5.1, restored for 5.2 and higher
PsSetNewKSecDD discontinued in 5.1

Note that Microsoft’s documentation in the Windows Vista Windows Driver Kit (WDK) talks of an “Update Rollup” for Windows 2000 SP4. This has not been found for these notes. The Windows 2000 SP4 that is meant here is just the original service pack from 2003.