Ordinal-Only Exports Added For NTDLL 6.1

Version 6.1 of NTDLL exports a few new functions in a way that no earlier version does: they are exported only by ordinal. All continue as exports through the service packs and updates of Windows 7 and Windows 8, but only one survives to version 10. Microsoft’s typical practice at higher levels, as with the shell and with Internet Explorer, is that ordinal-only exports are not documented—and so it seems for these.

Ordinal Function Remarks
1 AitLogFeatureUsageByApp discontinued in 10.0
2 AitFireParentUsageEvent discontinued in 10.0
3 SbtLogSystemUsageByParent discontinued in 10.0
4 SbtLogSystemUsageByStack discontinued in 10.0
5 SbtDisableForCurrentProcess discontinued in 10.0
6 SbtLogDllMapping discontinued in 10.0
7 SbtLogExeInitializing discontinued in 10.0
8 RtlDispatchAPC