MILCORE Functions

The table on this page lists all the functions that appear in the export directory of any known version of MILCORE.DLL. It gives for each function just brief summaries of the applicable MILCORE versions and of the function’s status with respect to Microsoft’s documentation (not that there is much to say on this point). Explanatory notes follow the table.

Function Applicable Versions Documentation Status
IMILBitmapEffectConnector_IsConnected 6.0 only  
IMILBitmapEffectInputConnector_ConnectTo 6.0 only  
IMILBitmapEffectInputConnector_GetConnection 6.0 only  
IMILBitmapEffectOutputConnector_GetConnection 6.0 only  
IMILBitmapEffectOutputConnector_GetNumberConnections 6.0 only  
IMILBitmapEffectRenderContext_GetFinalTransform 6.0 only  
IMILBitmapEffectRenderContext_GetOutputDPI 6.0 only  
IMILBitmapEffectRenderContext_GetOutputPixelFormat 6.0 only  
IMILBitmapEffectRenderContext_SetInitialTransform 6.0 only  
IMILBitmapEffectRenderContext_SetOutputDPI 6.0 only  
IMILBitmapEffectRenderContext_SetOutputPixelFormat 6.0 only  
IMILBitmapEffectRenderContext_SetRegionOfInterest 6.0 only  
IMILBitmapEffectRenderContext_SetUseSoftwareRenderer 6.0 only  
IMILBitmapEffect_GetOutput 6.0 only  
IMILBitmapEffect_GetParentEffect 6.0 only  
IMILBitmapEffect_IMILBitmapEffectConnectionsInfo_GetNumberInputs 6.0 only  
IMILBitmapEffect_IMILBitmapEffectConnectionsInfo_GetNumberOutputs 6.0 only  
IMILBitmapEffect_IMILBitmapEffectConnections_GetInputConnector 6.0 only  
IMILBitmapEffect_IMILBitmapEffectConnections_GetOutputConnector 6.0 only  
IMILBitmapEffect_IMILBitmapEffectGroup_Add 6.0 only  
IMILBitmapEffect_IMILBitmapEffectGroup_GetInteriorInputConnector 6.0 only  
IMILBitmapEffect_IMILBitmapEffectGroup_GetInteriorOutputConnector 6.0 only  
IMILBitmapEffect_IMILBitmapEffectPrimitive_GetAffineMatrix 6.0 only  
IMILBitmapEffect_IMILBitmapEffectPrimitive_HasAffineTransform 6.0 only  
IMILBitmapEffect_IMILBitmapEffectPrimitive_HasInverseTransform 6.0 only  
IMILBitmapEffect_IMILBitmapEffectPrimitive_SetValue 6.0 only  
IMILBitmapEffect_IMILBitmapEffectPrimitive_TransformPoint 6.0 only  
IMILBitmapEffect_IMILBitmapEffectPrimitive_TransformRect 6.0 only  
IMILBitmapEffect_SetInputSource 6.0 only  
MIL3DCalcBrushToIdealSampleSpace 6.0 only;
later in DWMCORE
MIL3DCalcProjected2DBounds 6.0 only;
later in DWMCORE
MILAddRef 6.0 only  
MilChannel_AppendCommandData 6.0 only;
later in DWMCORE
MilChannel_BeginCommand 6.0 only;
later in DWMCORE
MilChannel_CommitChannel 6.0 only;
later in DWMCORE
MilChannel_EndCommand 6.0 only;
later in DWMCORE
MilChannel_GetMarshalType 6.0 only;
later in DWMCORE
MilChannel_SendSyncCommand 6.0 only;
later in DWMCORE
MilChannel_SetNotificationWindow 6.0 only;
later in DWMCORE
MilChannel_SetReceiveBroadcastMessages 6.0 only;
later in DWMCORE
MilCompositionEngine_DeinitializePartitionManager 6.0 only;
later in DWMCORE
MilCompositionEngine_EnterCompositionEngineLock 6.0 only  
MilCompositionEngine_ExitCompositionEngineLock 6.0 only  
MilCompositionEngine_GetComposedEventId 6.0 only;
later in DWMCORE
MilCompositionEngine_GetFeedbackReader 6.0 only;
later in DWMCORE
MilCompositionEngine_InitializePartitionManager 6.0 only;
later in DWMCORE
MilCompositionEngine_UpdateSchedulerSettings 6.0 only;
later in DWMCORE
MilComposition_PeekNextMessage 6.0 only;
later in DWMCORE
MilComposition_SyncFlush 6.0 only;
later in DWMCORE
MilComposition_WaitForNextMessage 6.0 only;
later in DWMCORE
MilConnection_CreateChannel 6.0 only;
later in DWMCORE
MilConnection_DestroyChannel 6.0 only;
later in DWMCORE
MilConnection_RecordUCE 6.0 only;
later in DWMCORE
MilContent_AttachToHwnd 6.0 only  
MilContent_DetachFromHwnd 6.0 only  
MilCoreClientIsDwm 6.0 only;
later in DWMCORE
MILCreateBitmapEffectOuterPublic 6.0 only  
MILCreateEventProxy 6.0 only  
MILCreateFactory 6.0 only;
later in DWMCORE
MILCreateStreamFromStreamDescriptor 6.0 only  
MILFactoryCreateBitmapEffect 6.0 only  
MILFactoryCreateBitmapEffectContext 6.0 only  
MILFactoryCreateBitmapEffectOuter 6.0 only  
MILFactoryCreateBitmapRenderTarget 6.0 only  
MILFactoryCreateMediaPlayer 6.0 only  
MILFactoryCreateSWRenderTargetForBitmap 6.0 only  
MilGraphicsStream_Close 6.0 only  
MilGraphicsStream_GetTransformHint 6.0 only  
MilGraphicsStream_Open 6.0 only  
MilGraphicsStream_SetTransformHint 6.0 only  
MILInitializeBitmapEffectPublic 6.0 only  
MILIStreamWrite 6.0 only  
MILLoadResource 6.0 only  
MILMediaCanPause 6.0 only  
MILMediaClose 6.0 only  
MILMediaGetBufferingProgress 6.0 only  
MILMediaGetDownloadProgress 6.0 only  
MILMediaGetMediaLength 6.0 only  
MILMediaGetNaturalHeight 6.0 only  
MILMediaGetNaturalWidth 6.0 only  
MILMediaGetPosition 6.0 only  
MILMediaHasAudio 6.0 only  
MILMediaHasVideo 6.0 only  
MILMediaIsBuffering 6.0 only  
MILMediaNeedUIFrameUpdate 6.0 only  
MILMediaOpen 6.0 only  
MILMediaProcessExitHandler 6.0 only  
MILMediaSetBalance 6.0 only  
MILMediaSetIsScrubbingEnabled 6.0 only  
MILMediaSetPosition 6.0 only  
MILMediaSetRate 6.0 only  
MILMediaSetVolume 6.0 only  
MILMediaShutdown 6.0 only  
MILMediaStop 6.0 only  
MilPlayer_Create 6.0 only;
later in DWMCORE
MilPlayer_Process 6.0 only;
later in DWMCORE
MILQueryInterface 6.0 only  
MILRegisterWmpFactory 6.0 only  
MILRelease 6.0 only  
MILRenderTargetBitmapClear 6.0 only  
MILRenderTargetBitmapGetBitmap 6.0 only  
MilResource_CreateOrAddRefOnChannel 6.0 only;
later in DWMCORE
MilResource_DuplicateHandle 6.0 only;
later in DWMCORE
MilResource_ReleaseOnChannel 6.0 only;
later in DWMCORE
MilResource_SendCommand 6.0 only;
later in DWMCORE
MilResource_SendCommandBitmapSource 6.0 only;
later in DWMCORE
MilResource_SendCommandMedia 6.0 only  
MILStreamNotifyReadComplete 6.0 only  
MilSyncPacketTransport_Create 6.0 only  
MilSyncPacketTransport_Present 6.0 only  
MilTransport_AddRef 6.0 only;
later in DWMCORE
MilTransport_Create 6.0 only;
later in DWMCORE
MilTransport_CreateFromPacketTransport 6.0 only;
later in DWMCORE
MilTransport_CreateSurfaceManager 6.0 only;
later in DWMCORE
MilTransport_CreateTransportParameters 6.0 only;
later in DWMCORE
MilTransport_DisconnectTransport 6.0 only;
later in DWMCORE
MilTransport_InitializeConnectionManager 6.0 only;
later in DWMCORE
MilTransport_Release 6.0 only;
later in DWMCORE
MilTransport_ShutDownConnectionManager 6.0 only;
later in DWMCORE
MILUpdateSystemParametersInfo 6.0 only  
MilUtility_ArcToBezier 6.0 only  
MilUtility_GeometryGetArea 6.0 only  
MilUtility_GetPointAtLengthFraction 6.0 only  
MilUtility_GetTileBrushMapping 6.0 only;
later in DWMCORE
MilUtility_PathGeometryBounds 6.0 only  
MilUtility_PathGeometryCombine 6.0 only  
MilUtility_PathGeometryFlatten 6.0 only  
MilUtility_PathGeometryHitTest 6.0 only  
MilUtility_PathGeometryHitTestPathGeometry 6.0 only  
MilUtility_PathGeometryOutline 6.0 only  
MilUtility_PathGeometryWiden 6.0 only  
MilUtility_PolygonBounds 6.0 only  
MilUtility_PolygonHitTest 6.0 only  
MilVersionCheck 6.0 only;
later in DWMCORE
MilVisualTarget_AttachToHwnd 6.0 only;
later in DWMCORE
MilVisualTarget_DetachFromHwnd 6.0 only;
later in DWMCORE
SetMilPerfInstrumentationFlags 6.0 only;
later in DWMCORE
VirtualChannelGetInstance 6.0 only  



Function names are reproduced from the export directory of the MILCORE executable. All exports from MILCORE are by name.


The MILCORE versions shown for each function are inferred from a study of known releases, making reasonable assumptions about likely continuity, especially to suppose that a function will exist in future versions or that a function exists in all (released) builds of a version if no counter-example is yet known.

As it happens, MILCORE exists only as version 6.0, for Windows Vista and the original Windows Server 2008. However, many of the exported functions survive into later Windows versions as exports from DWMCORE. These are indicated by the annotation “later in DWMCORE”.

Documentation Status

Except where otherwise stated, the reference version for Microsoft’s documentation is the January 2007 edition of the Windows Vista Software Development Kit, as distributed by Microsoft on MSDN disc 3667. That a function is not marked above as “documented” (or is marked elsewhere as “undocumented”) does not mean for certain that Microsoft does not document it, just that I haven’t yet found where.