Registry Utility Functions

SHLWAPI has from the very start, i.e., from version 4.70, provided functions to ease the labour of working with the registry, including in at least one case to fix strange behaviour in a standard API function for registry access. Version 4.71 saw the set expand from a handful to being numerous. All these early functions are exported by name and are documented. For some, however, the documentation is brief or vague or omits to mention some potentially significant behaviour.

The three functions RunIndirectRegCommand, RunRegCommand and SHRunIndirectRegClientCommand are distinct in being highly specialised. They run commands that are stored in registry entries in a particular way. These functions date from late builds of version 5.0, but have an earlier life in SHDOCVW.DLL, whose early builds of version 5.0 have all three of the functions coded, but export only SHRunIndirectRegClientCommand. All are exported from SHLWAPI only by ordinal. None are documented.