This message sets the background colour of a List-View control.

hWnd window handle of List-View control
uMsg LVM_SETBKCOLOR (0x1001)
wParam ignored
lParam specifies the background colour as a COLORREF;
with CLR_NONE (0xFFFFFFFF) meaning no background colour
returns TRUE for success, else FALSE


In COMCTL32 versions 6.10 and higher, the LVM_SETBKCOLOR message passes lParam to the SetBackgroundColor method of the List-View control’s IListView interface, returning TRUE or FALSE according to whether the method succeeds or fails.

Early Implementations

There is no IListView interface in earlier versions, but the message behaves for all practical purposes as if for version 6.10. Refer to the notes on the relevant method of the interface.

Versions before 6.10 do not defend against this message being received before the control has yet received a WM_CREATE message or after it has already received a WM_DESTROY message.

Some features that are new for version 6.10 are irrelevant in earlier versions:


The LVM_SETBKCOLOR message is supported by COMCTL32 versions 3.50 and higher.