The MEMORY_PARTITION_INFORMATION_CLASS is an enumeration whose values are intended as input to the NtManagePartition function. Different values select different operations to perform on one or two memory partitions.

Documentation Status

The MEMORY_PARTITION_INFORMATION_CLASS is not documented. Microsoft’s names for the MEMORY_PARTITION_INFORMATION_CLASS values are available, however. As usual when it comes to Microsoft’s names for otherwise undocumented material, they’re knowable from type information in symbol files. Not at all usual is which symbol files—not the kernel, where the enumeration is interpreted and the relevant functions are implemented, nor even NTDLL, but various higher-level user-mode DLLs. The most conspicuous may be URLMON.DLL, i.e., a component of Internet Explorer but which evidently is built with access to far more declarations and definitions for low-level Windows programming than is many a lower-level component of Windows itself.


Numeric Value Symbolic Name Versions
0x00 SystemMemoryPartitionInformation 10.0 and higher
0x01 SystemMemoryPartitionMoveMemory 10.0 and higher
0x02 SystemMemoryPartitionAddPagefile 10.0 and higher
0x03 SystemMemoryPartitionCombineMemory 10.0 and higher
0x04 SystemMemoryPartitionInitialAddMemory 10.0 and higher