The EVENT_TRACE_PERFORMANCE_INFORMATION structure is one of many that the ZwQuerySystemInformation (or NtQuerySystemInformation) function expects in its information buffer when given the information class SystemPerformanceTraceInformation (0x1F). This particular structure is selected when the first dword in the information buffer on input is EventTracePerformanceInformation (0x02).

Documentation Status

The EVENT_TRACE_PERFORMANCE_INFORMATION structure is not documented but Microsoft has published a C-language definition in a header file named NTETW.H from the Enterprise edition of the Windows Driver Kit (WDK) for Windows 10 version 1511.

Were it not for this relatively recent and possibly unintended disclosure, much would anyway be known from type information in symbol files. Curiously though, type information for this structure has never appeared in any public symbol files for the kernel or for the obvious low-level user-mode DLLs. In the whole of Microsoft’s packages of public symbol files, at least to the original Windows 10, relevant type information is unknown before Windows 8 and appears in symbol files only for AppXDeploymentClient.dll, CertEnroll.dll (before Windows 10) and Windows.Storage.ApplicationData.dll.


The EVENT_TRACE_PERFORMANCE_INFORMATION is 0x10 bytes in both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows.

Offset Definition Remarks
ULONGLONG LogfileBytesWritten;


The EVENT_TRACE_PERFORMANCE_INFORMATION structure is meaningful only as input to and output from one case of the ZwQuerySystemInformation function. The behaviour is as well picked up here. This review takes as understood all the general points and shorthands that are noted in the separate attempt at documenting the function, and takes as granted that the information class is SystemPerformanceTraceInformation and that the information buffer is exactly the size of an EVENT_TRACE_PERFORMANCE_INFORMATION in which the EventTraceInformationClass is EventTracePerformanceInformation.

The implementation is simply to set the LogfileBytesWritten in the given structure to the running total over all processors of bytes written from trace buffers to log files. The function then returns STATUS_SUCCESS.