MSHTML Command Execution

Some MSHTML classes receive commands through an IOleCommandTarget interface. A few of these classes expose some of their supported commands to scripting. These are the classes that represent the document and TextRange objects and the controlRange collection. Scripted access is obtained through the methods

The IOleCommandTarget interface provides for command groups represented by a GUID, known as a CGID. Each command has its own numerical identifier, known as the command ID, with respect to its group. For the exposure to scripting, the CGID is necessarily CGID_MSHTML and each command is identified by a case-insensitive name, not by a number.

Supported Command Names

The table below lists all the command names that MSHTML.DLL at least recognises, in the sense of answering affirmatively to queryCommandSupported, even if only to handle trivially. It will surprise nobody that several of these supported command names are absent from Microsoft’s list of Command Identifiers in the HTML and DHTML Reference. These are highlighted in the list below. Almost all, but certainly not all, are unsupported. Not highlighted are the several, such as “Open”, that Microsoft says are “currently not supported” but which have significant implementations.

Each command name is shown with its corresponding numerical command ID. These all have symbolic names defined in MSHTMCID.H from the Platform SDK. Since the numerical ID and its symbolic name are not exposed to scripting, they might be of interest only to programmers, but to know the correspondence may help with scripting since some of the otherwise undocumented commands, such as “RespectVisibilityInDesign”, do get documented by Microsoft under these symbolic names in the separate reference for MSHTML Editing.

2D-Position IDM_2D_POSITION (0x095A)
AbsolutePosition IDM_ABSOLUTE_POSITION (0x095D)
AutoDetect IDM_AUTODETECT (0x0919)
BackColor IDM_BACKCOLOR (0x0033)
BackgroundImageCache IDM_BACKGROUNDIMAGECACHE (0x097E)
Bold IDM_BOLD (0x0034)
BrowseMode IDM_BROWSEMODE (0x084E)
Copy IDM_COPY (0x000F)
CreateBookmark IDM_BOOKMARK (0x084B)
CreateLink IDM_HYPERLINK (0x084C)
Cut IDM_CUT (0x0010)
Delete IDM_DELETE (0x0011)
EditMode IDM_EDITMODE (0x084F)
FontName IDM_FONTNAME (0x0012)
FontSize IDM_FONTSIZE (0x0013)
ForeColor IDM_FORECOLOR (0x0037)
FormatBlock IDM_BLOCKFMT (0x08BA)
GetBlockFormats IDM_GETBLOCKFMTS (0x08B9)
Indent IDM_INDENT (0x088A)
InsertButton IDM_BUTTON (0x0877)
InsertFieldset IDM_INSFIELDSET (0x0847)
InsertHorizontalRule IDM_HORIZONTALLINE (0x0866)
InsertIFrame IDM_IFRAME (0x086E)
InsertImage IDM_IMAGE (0x0878)
InsertInputButton IDM_INSINPUTBUTTON (0x0843)
InsertInputCheckbox IDM_CHECKBOX (0x0873)
InsertInputFileUpload IDM_INSINPUTUPLOAD (0x0846)
InsertInputHidden IDM_INSINPUTHIDDEN (0x0908)
InsertInputImage IDM_INSINPUTIMAGE (0x0842)
InsertInputPassword IDM_INSINPUTPASSWORD (0x0909)
InsertInputRadio IDM_RADIOBUTTON (0x0874)
InsertInputReset IDM_INSINPUTRESET (0x0844)
InsertInputSubmit IDM_INSINPUTSUBMIT (0x0845)
InsertInputText IDM_TEXTBOX (0x0871)
InsertMarquee IDM_MARQUEE (0x0886)
InsertOrderedList IDM_ORDERLIST (0x0888)
InsertParagraph IDM_PARAGRAPH (0x0884)
InsertSelectDropdown IDM_DROPDOWNBOX (0x0875)
InsertSelectListbox IDM_LISTBOX (0x0876)
InsertTextArea IDM_TEXTAREA (0x0872)
InsertUnorderedList IDM_UNORDERLIST (0x0889)
Italic IDM_ITALIC (0x0038)
JustifyCenter IDM_JUSTIFYCENTER (0x0039)
JustifyFull IDM_JUSTIFYFULL (0x0032)
JustifyLeft IDM_JUSTIFYLEFT (0x003B)
JustifyNone IDM_JUSTIFYNONE (0x005E)
JustifyRight IDM_JUSTIFYRIGHT (0x003C)
KeepSelection IDM_KEEPSELECTION (0x096A)
LiveResize IDM_LIVERESIZE (0x095E)
MultipleSelection IDM_MULTIPLESELECTION (0x0959)
Open IDM_OPEN (0x07D0)
Outdent IDM_OUTDENT (0x088B)
OverWrite IDM_OVERWRITE (0x090A)
Paste IDM_PASTE (0x001A)
Print IDM_EXECPRINT (0x005D)
Redo IDM_REDO (0x001D)
Refresh IDM_REFRESH (0x08FC)
RemoveFormat IDM_REMOVEFORMAT (0x08B6)
RespectVisibilityInDesign IDM_RESPECTVISIBILITY_INDESIGN (0x0965)
SaveAs IDM_SAVEAS (0x0047)
SelectAll IDM_SELECTALL (0x001F)
SizeToControl IDM_SIZETOCONTROL (0x0023)
SizeToControlHeight IDM_SIZETOCONTROLHEIGHT (0x0024)
SizeToControlWidth IDM_SIZETOCONTROLWIDTH (0x0025)
Stop IDM_STOP (0x085A)
StopImage IDM_DYNSRCSTOP (0x08E0)
StrikeThrough IDM_STRIKETHROUGH (0x005B)
Subscript IDM_SUBSCRIPT (0x08C7)
Superscript IDM_SUPERSCRIPT (0x08C8)
TristateBold IDM_TRISTATEBOLD (0x005F)
TristateItalic IDM_TRISTATEITALIC (0x0060)
TristateUnderline IDM_TRISTATEUNDERLINE (0x0061)
UIOutdent IDM_UI_OUTDENT (0x0967)
UnBookmark IDM_UNBOOKMARK (0x0850)
Underline IDM_UNDERLINE (0x003F)
Undo IDM_UNDO (0x002B)
UnloadDocument IDM_UNLOADDOCUMENT (0x096B)
Unlink IDM_UNLINK (0x084D)