Determines whether an access token has a low mandatory integrity level.


HRESULT IsMICLowProcess (HANDLE hToken);


The hToken argument is a handle to an access token, or is NULL to denote the token for the current process.

Return Value

The function returns zero for success, else an error code.

A return of S_FALSE has special meaning, to indicate that the failure is not with the token. It may be either that the token’s integrity level was determined successfully but does not count as low, or that the operating system does not support integrity levels.


If the function cannot determine the indicated token’s integrity level (see GetProcessIntegrityLevel), it fails. Otherwise, the function succeeds or fails (returning S_FALSE) according to whether the integrity level is or is not less than SECURITY_MANDATORY_MEDIUM_RID.


The IsMICLowProcess function is exported from IERTUTIL as ordinal 54 in version 7.0 and higher.