CL Command-Line Warning D4024

Message Text

unrecognized source file type 'filename', object file assumed

This warning message is written to whatever file or device was given to CL as standard error. It is therefore not subject to simple redirection from the Command Prompt, e.g., for capture to a file.


The given filename was understood as the name of an input file for one or more compiler modules (possibly including the linker). The applicable compiler modules are ordinarily decided by CL from the file extension, the only exception being that a /TC, /TO or /TP option has set a type for all input files that are not named through /Tc, /To or /Tp options. Warning D4024 means that for the given filename

The last of these points does not apply under the action of the /E or /EP options. These (though not the otherwise closely related /P) induce CL to assume a C source file, not an object file, with no warning. The product documentation seems to say nothing of this case.