CL /help


No argument is permitted. The option is /?, /help or /HELP only.


This option has no syntactic relations with other options: it does not override any; it is not incompatible with any; it has no prerequisites.

This option is handled entirely within CL. It generates nothing that passes to any compiler module.


The /help option directs CL to write to standard output a summary of the CL command-line options, and then to terminate. The summary is loaded from resource strings in the CL executable.

If standard output is a character device, the summary is interrupted regularly with a prompt to “press <return> to continue”. The number of lines written for each “screen”, including the prompt, is the screen height calculated for the CONOUT$ device, defaulting to 25. The response for the prompt is sought from standard input. The prompt is satisfied only by a line-feed character or nothing (i.e., a read error or an end-of-file).