Visual C++ Compiler Warning C4068

Message Text

unknown pragma


This warning can occur at level 1 or level 4, depending on the text that is not known as a pragma. The product documentation speaks only of level 1.


The cited line begins with a #pragma, which is followed by an identifier rather than by some other type of token, but the identifier is not one of:

alloc_text, auto_inline, bss_seg, check_stack, code_seg, comment, component, conform, const_seg, data_seg, deprecated, function, hdrstop, ident, implementation_key, include_alias, init_seg, inline_depth, inline_recursion, intrinsic, managed, message, once, optimize, pack, pointers_to_members, pop_macro, push_macro, runtime_checks, same_seg, section, segment, setlocale, start_map_region, stop_map_region, string_pooling, unmanaged, vtordisp or warning

The warning triggers at level 4 if the identifier is one of:

check_pointer, linesize, loop_opt, native_caller, page, pagesize, plmf, plmn, subtitle, skip, switch_check or title

else at level 1.